Avaśā is a stunning and alluring brand that aims to bring back the timelessness of Indian craftsmanship.

This collection will give you the perfect opportunity to flaunt your style at every special occasion that calls for a little more glitz and glamour. So, Break the shackles of your old life and walk into a new you. Be indulgent and make this another Avaśā in your wardrobe.


Abhirupa a Sanskrit name that signifies women’s inner beauty . It a trendsetter and always on the lookout for what’s new. So dive into a brand curated for all festive occasions to make memories that  last you a lifetime.


You have charmed the world with your personality. Now it's our time to awe you with our brand Cārvī. Cārvī is inspired by both Indian craftsmanship and modern design, resulting in an exquisite range of apparel that makes a bold statement. Be it an ensemble for your bridesmaids, Haldi, sangeet, or Mehendi. Cārvī is the brand that you browse through.


An ornate collection of wishes. Kamya has the perfect sarees and lehengas for all brides and their bridesmaids. Each piece is carefully handcrafted by a team of highly talented artisans and crafted from premium materials. This brand will take you on a journey, to find yourself along the way.


Gold has been woven into our history of fabrics for centuries. Kāñcanī as a brand will bestow you with the ultimate luxury experience as our products have a mystical feel to them. Here you also find the ever-essential bridal collection which will fulfill your vision. Dive into this collection to experience true luxury.